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Eminem Trying To Re-Release The Marshall Mathers LP On Cassette

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Eminem is Trying re-releasing his third album The Marshall Mathers LP. Described at the time as “unsettling” but also “captivating”, Eminem tackled both personal and societal issues on the record, which was the fastest selling solo album of all time – despite the heaps of controversy it came with – until Adele’s 25 overtook it recently.

News is the album is getting re-released on cassette. Just as the Detroit rapper did earlier this year with his Slim Shady LP, Eminem will re-release his third studio album in cassette form with some added gifts.

Fans can sign up for early access to The Marshall Mathers LP cassette by entering the emailinto this form on the Shady Records website. The re-release will come with some sort ofcollectables although they have not been identified. The Slim Shady LP reissue came with an exclusive t-shirt.

When The Marshall Mathers LP was released in 2000 Eminem was accused of homophobia and misogyny, claims that have followed him for most of his career, with then US Senatechairman Lynne Cheney calling him “a rap singer who advocates murder and rape”. Speaking directly about lyrics on Kill You, she said: “He talks about murdering and raping his mother. He talks about choking women slowly so he can hear their screams for a long time. He talks about using OJ’s machete on women, and this is a man who is honored by the recordingindustry.”

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