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Pitbull - Trackhouse

Pitbull – Trackhouse

Album Title: TrackhouseArtist: Pitbull Short Review: Pitbull’s latest album, Trackhouse, is a high-energy musical journey that seamlessly blends his signature Latin-infused beats with catchy hooks and infectious rhythms. The album exudes an electrifying vibe, inviting listeners to hit the dance floor and let loose. Each track is a testament to Pitbull’s mastery in crafting party anthems, making this album a …

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Eminem & Proof Trade Bars In Unreleased Throwback Freestyle

Tim Westwood shares some never-before-heard bars from Eminem and Proof. For years now, Tim Westwood has been somewhat of an “Eminem Plug,” responsible for hosting some of Slim’s most iconic freestyles. From the thirty-eight minute D12 extravaganza, to the iconic Relapse-era “Swag Juice” freestyle with Mr. Porter, Westwood has always been Em’s go-to-guy where radio bars are concerned. Today, to …

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Lil Wayne’s Best Crossover Songs

Take a look back through Lil Wayne’s cross-over efforts, whether the featured artist or main artist. Though it feels like a distant memory at this point, there was once a time when people rallied against Lil Wayne as “ruining rap,” claiming he wasn’t “real” hip-hop. Thankfully, at this point in time, it’s rare anyone disputes that the man can rap— …

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OJ Simpson Bragged About “Breaking” Kris Jenner With His Sex Powers

Things were wild in the 90s, huh. New reports by Page Six indicate that O.J. Simpson previously bragged about getting intimate with Kris Jenner. According to the news outlet, Simpson was rumored to be gossiping about a steamy sexual encounter with Jenner in a hot-tub during the 1990s. The disgraced athlete’s manager, Norman Pardo, shared the details, adding that the …

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Spice Girls Reunion Tour Off to Rough Start With Sound Issues

The Spice Girls kicked off their reunion tour sans Victoria ‘Posh Spice’ Beckham in Dublin, Ireland on Friday night, but it didn’t go without issues. Variety reports that sound issues plagued the night. Those who sat further away from the stage struggled to make out what songs were even playing. Numerous patrons posted on Twitter to make it clear they …

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Taylor Swift Cuts Off Reporter For Asking About Kids Taylor Swift shut that down quickly. Taylor Swift’s 30th birthday is this year and as such, questions about settling down and having kids were bound to begin making their way as part of the many questions asked by reporters. Unfortunately, Taylor Swift isn’t here for any of it. According to Complex, the bubblegum-pop star recently gathered a reporter all …

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