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50 Cent Cleans His Tires With Champagne After Collecting Money From Debtors

50 Cent keeps his car super clean.
50 Cent’s celebrating Memorial Day weekend in an interesting way. It looks like the rapper decided to take a break from demanding money from his debtors perhaps to enjoy the amount he did get back thus far. The producer shared a post with his 23.3 million followers on Instagram, revealing his flashy Bentley. After making a statement on the importance of remembering the fallen soldiers, Fif began washing the rims of his car with some champagne. Why? Because, well, why not?

Evidently, in a jovial and celebratory mood, the rap mogul flaunted his rose-gold colored designer kicks which just so happen to match with his sparkling Bentley. He then goes onto state: “Niggas never understand, so you gotta do niggas like this. Boom! Then you hit them with the rose,” as he shows the car. “Go straight at them with the rosé like that. When you get them with this rosé right here, you always gotta take it to the next level.” After retrieving a bottle of Le Chemin du Roi from the car, the petty rapper begins to shake the bottle to then spray it on the car tires. Thereafter, he wipes it all down with some paper towels and ends it with the truthful statement: “The rich nigga edition.”

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