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Wiz Khalifa – Soak City Freestyle

Could you please check out “Soak City Freestyle” by Wiz Khalifa?

Wiz Khalifa - Soak City Freestyle

Freestyles hold a significant place in the rich history of hip-hop, often serving as lyrical exercises rather than formal songs. However, at times, they carry a vibe that transcends their initial purpose. This has been evident in Wiz Khalifa’s recent endeavors. The perpetually laid-back rapper, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been adding his own flavor to the hits of up-and-coming artists. A recent example is his rendition over Veeze’s “Not A Drill.” Wiz’s approach involves infusing his bars into the tracks of emerging talents.

In this case, Veeze caught wind of Wiz Khalifa’s remix and expressed genuine gratitude for the acknowledgment from the seasoned veteran. It showcases a positive exchange within the hip-hop community, where established artists pay homage to rising stars by lending their unique style to the tracks that are making waves.

Wiz Khalifa took to his Instagram last week to announce the upload of his freestyle over Veeze’s “Not A Drill” to YouTube. The post garnered attention from Veeze himself, who expressed his gratitude with a comment: “Mad love big bro 🔥🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️❤️.” Fans of Wiz Khalifa are particularly enjoying the throwback vibes emanating from his rap style in this freestyle. It’s a nostalgic journey as Wiz channels the energy reminiscent of his peak years in the early 2010s, a period when he held considerable sway in the hip-hop scene. The positive reception attests to the enduring appeal of Wiz Khalifa’s earlier musical prowess.

Presently, the 36-year-old artist has returned to the scene, delivering a rap rendition over 310babii’s widely circulated track, “Soak City,” initially released in the summer of 2023. Recently, the song has been gaining momentum, accumulating over 56 million streams on Spotify. This surge has contributed to 310’s growing fan base, boasting over 5.5 million monthly listeners. Wiz Khalifa brings a dynamic and fluctuating flow, perfectly synchronized with the brisk piano beats, making his freestyle possibly the superior of the two.

What are your impressions of Wiz Khalifa’s latest release, “Soak City Freestyle”? In your opinion, does it outshine the other freestyle, and if so, what makes it stand out? Do you anticipate a new album from Wiz Khalifa later this year? Share your insights in the comments section below. Feel free to voice your opinions on these developments. Stay tuned with HNHH for the latest updates on Wiz Khalifa, and keep checking in for informative posts about new songs throughout the week.

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