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Russ – WHAT ARE YALL Lyrics

[Intro]Yeah, ha, what are y’all?

Used to think my take off time was a delayed departure
Trust the journey, if you rush it you gon’ make it harder
You can lose your place when you try to flip the pages farther
Seven-hundred-thousand for an hour, thats the latest offer
I put the work in had to earn my credentials
I wrote the book on independence, I’m on my third presidential
It’s essential I shut up, it’s what ya’ll think right?
But standing down never rеally sit right
Big fight coming up, me versus myself
Thе peoples champion there ain’t no reversing my belt
I keep on earning wealth, ain’t no telling where the roof is
Staying on the straight narrow, curving rappers muses
Limits are illusions and i’m Bradley Cooper
Watching Trey drop 40 court-side so close I could alley-oop ya
Haven’t taken Uber in years, all my drivers wear suits
Every drink is a cheers, predicted this I’m a seer
Can’t operate outta fear, I choose optimism
Universe be talking so I gotta listen
Tryna work it out with her she end up in a squat position
Me i’m doing hip thrusts, then I get my – sucked
Ripping up the script of the industry’s guidelines and rules
They don’t want me in the game just sidelines and boos
Lotta closet of clauses
How come all the workers keep on talking like bosses?
I’m a star though regardless of the narrative
If you don’t own your music I’m not hearing comparisons
Man this shit is embarrassing, I don’t care who the hottest are
If you can not sell out an arena by yourself in America
And somewhere overseas you are not a star
Overlooking me doesn’t change shit
I’m the modern day Prince face it
I’m free look at me, look how easy I breathe
Your careers on life support its clear you need the machine
I rage against it
Killing in the name of independence
Which threatens, the evil empire so respect is obligatory
This a classic like a Christmas story
Watching these adults swim upstream to get streams
Is comedy like Rick & Morty
And sometimes I feel like fuck ’em all
‘Cause if a Forbes list Cash Kings, six times platinum
Twenty plaques in arenas packed in
Isn’t a star then what are y’all?

[Outro]Cos if a Forbes list Cash Kings, six times platinum
Twenty plaques in arenas packed in
Isn’t a star then what are y’all? For real

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