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Rick Ross Fat Joe & The LOX – The Game

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Rick Ross Fat Joe & The LOX – The Game Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jadakiss]There’s nothing like the feeling (Uh) of being in the building (Yeah)
All of a sudden the good guys turn into the villains
Pure satisfaction inside of the action
You see it in the games, you feel it in the captions (Feel it)
This is full contact, winning is a contract (Win)
Don’t ever forget that losing is a setback (Yeah)
You can learn a lot though, it’s all about the clock though
Win, lose or draw, the game never stops though
(Never) Worry ’bout the critics or the analytics
This ain’t something you play, you really have to live it
Half the battle is knowing, to prove is to show ’em (Show ’em)
But they won’t see you coming, until thеy see you going (Gone)
Soar as high as you can, don’t ever stop flying (Fly)
Thеre is heaven in winning, and hell in not trying (Try)
Face all fears (Uh), before they face you (Yeah)
And don’t chase victory, let it chase you, the game
[Interlude: Rick Ross]Sometimes you gotta dig deep

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]On top of the mountain, I won’t follow you cowards (Uh)
All I need is a pilot, and a proper accountant
They keep knocking me down, but I’m not to be doubted
Keep the pain to myself, but we sharing the knowledge
Always ready for battle (Uh), true success is a war (Uh)
Always follow your heart, know you’re destined for more
Living like I’m Young Thugger (Bang), winning shot at the buzzer
Do it all for my ****, VIP for my mother (Woo)
This one just for the books (Uh), top off just for the looks (Uh)
I’m rocking my jewels, no stepping on my foot
Just believe in yourself ’cause you’re meant to be great
We have similar dreams, but make different mistakes

[Verse 3: Fat Joe]Crack
Life’s like an empty canvas
Either you paint it with blood, or you paint it with love
Me, I’m with all the above
All I see is the glory in a room filled with all the applause
No excuses, all I see is winners tonight
And the truth is, I want to see the winners unite
Damn, dawg, why you always happy, what’s the big occasion?
Life’s great, and I’m feeling amazing (Joker)
You fall for anything if you waitin’ for help
Me, I stand tall ’cause I bet on myself
Hit ’em with the Shammgod, then the Euro step
Fade away, all you hear is the net
Life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you get
No doubt, I simply know I’m the best
When you have your own forces with your name on it
Terror be the squad, that’s why I spit this game on it, yo, it’s crack

[Verse 4: Styles P]Practice my shootin’, came from the bench (From the bench)
You bound for victory if you really playing defense
Told the players on my team, “If I play, I play to win” (Play to win)
And I’m one of the best, let me say it again (I’m one of the best)
I’m never afraid of contact
Physical on the block, imagine my next contract
And I shoot it from deep, I love a hype crowd
Mama, there goes that man that put your lights out (That man)
In a series of seven, I’m in the seven series
I pull up to arenas, them boys better fear me (Better fear me)
Got dog in my heart, yeah, they better hear me
Going for MVP, hope I said it clearly (Said it clearly)

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