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OneRepublic's "Artificial Paradise (Deluxe)

OneRepublic – Artificial Paradise (Deluxe)

Artists: OneRepublicAlbum: Artificial Paradise (Deluxe)Format: MP3Bitrate: 256kbpsGenre: PopYear: 2024 Description: OneRepublic’s “Artificial Paradise (Deluxe)” is a captivating blend of pop, rock, and electronic elements that showcases the band’s evolution and creativity. This deluxe edition offers an expanded experience with additional tracks and exclusive content, making it a must-listen for fans and new listeners alike. With its catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, …

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OneRepublic - Hurt

OneRepublic – Hurt

OneRepublic has released their latest single, “Hurt,” in 2024. This emotionally charged track showcases the band’s signature blend of powerful lyrics and captivating melodies. “Hurt” is set to resonate with fans worldwide, adding another hit to OneRepublic’s impressive discography. Experience the poignant storytelling and musical craftsmanship that make OneRepublic stand out in the music scene. Download Links Save Link (Server …

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OneRepublic – Nobody (from Kaiju No. 8)

Download Links Save Link (Server 2) mp3 Save m4a File (iphone, Apple) Join us on Telegram OneRepublic – Nobody (from Kaiju No. 8) Lyrics [Intro]Nobody, nobody, nobodyNobody, nobody, nobodyYeah [Verse 1]I’d take the fallI got you covered when there’s no one at allOh, yeah, and I’d stay through the nightWhen you got demons tryna break through the walls [Pre-Chorus]There ain’t …

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OneRepublic - Dear Santa

OneRepublic – Dear Santa – Single

Artists: OneRepublicAlbum: Dear Santa – SingleFormat: MP3Bitrate: 256kbpsGenre: Hip-Hop | PopYear: 2023 Tracklist: Dear Santa Dear Santa (Piano Version) Download Links Download All in One Server From 1 Download All in One Server From 2

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OneRepublic - RUNAWAY

OneRepublic – RUNAWAY

Download Links: Save Link Server 1 Save Link Server 2 Save m4a File (iphone, Apple) OneRepublic – RUNAWAY Lyrics [Intro]Run awayRight now let’s just run awayAll that talk is killing meOne last shot, hold onto me (Oh) [Verse 1]There’s something I gotta say to ya, there’s somewhere we gotta goAnd now we’re sinkin’ in the sand, chasin’ what we can, …

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OneRepublic – Truth To Power

Download OneRepublic – Truth To Power Lyrics [Verse 1] I could tell you I was fragile I could tell you I was weak I could rat you out and leave you Tell you anything you need I’ve seen minutes turn to hours Hours turn to years And I’ve seen truth turn to power [Chorus] If you could see me the …

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