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Discover Russ's latest single "Win," a unique track that blends smooth vocals and a catchy beat with a narrative about navigating mind games. This celebratory release is a testament to Russ's fan-first approach and his continuous journey in the music industry. Listen to "Win" now on all major streaming platforms and experience the latest from this influential artist.

Russ – Win

There is no stopping the Russ machine this year. It’s hard to ignore how frequently the Secaucus, New Jersey native drops new music. At the end of the day, he is a fan-first artist, always looking to give his supporters what they want. In fact, he takes that approach quite literally. The “What They Want” singer/rapper sends out polls to …

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Katy Perry – Woman’s World

Description: Katy Perry’s latest single, “Woman’s World,” is an empowering anthem celebrating the strength and resilience of women. With its vibrant pop melodies and powerful lyrics, the song captures the essence of female empowerment and unity. “Woman’s World” showcases Katy Perry’s signature style and vocal prowess, making it a standout track in her discography. Why You Should Listen: “Woman’s World” …

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French Montana, Fivio Foreign & Fabolous - To the Moon

French Montana, Fivio Foreign & Fabolous – To the Moon

Description: French Montana teams up with Fivio Foreign and Fabolous for their latest single, “To the Moon.” This track is a high-energy banger that combines French Montana’s catchy hooks, Fivio Foreign’s drill influence, and Fabolous’s smooth lyricism. “To the Moon” is a testament to their individual talents and their ability to create a collaborative masterpiece that resonates with fans of …

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NLE Choppa & Yaisel LM - Catalina

NLE Choppa & Yaisel LM – Catalina

NLE Choppa teams up with Yaisel LM for their electrifying new single, “Catalina.” This track blends NLE Choppa’s high-energy rap style with Yaisel LM’s unique musical flair, creating an infectious and dynamic sound. “Catalina” is a vibrant anthem that captures the essence of summer, with catchy hooks and energetic beats that are sure to get listeners moving. Why You Should …

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Quavo & Lana Del Rey – Tough

Quavo and Lana Del Rey have teamed up to release their highly anticipated single, “Tough,” in 2024. This unique collaboration blends Quavo’s dynamic rap style with Lana Del Rey’s hauntingly beautiful vocals, creating a mesmerizing track that explores themes of resilience and strength. “Tough” is a must-listen for fans of both artists and promises to be a standout hit of …

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OneRepublic - Hurt

OneRepublic – Hurt

OneRepublic has released their latest single, “Hurt,” in 2024. This emotionally charged track showcases the band’s signature blend of powerful lyrics and captivating melodies. “Hurt” is set to resonate with fans worldwide, adding another hit to OneRepublic’s impressive discography. Experience the poignant storytelling and musical craftsmanship that make OneRepublic stand out in the music scene. Download Links Save Link (Server …

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Kesha Releases New Single "JOYRIDE" (2024)


Kesha has unveiled her latest single, “JOYRIDE,” in 2024. This track marks a triumphant return, blending her powerful vocals with an infectious beat that promises to be a hit. “JOYRIDE” showcases Kesha’s unique style and lyrical talent, capturing the spirit of freedom and fun. Don’t miss out on this exciting new release from one of pop music’s most dynamic artists. …

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DaBaby - NAN

DaBaby – NAN

DaBaby – NAN DaBaby has just released his latest single, “NAN,” in 2024. Known for his energetic delivery and hard-hitting lyrics, DaBaby continues to make waves in the hip-hop scene with this new track. “NAN” captures his signature style and showcases his lyrical prowess, making it a must-listen for fans and newcomers alike. Don’t miss out on DaBaby’s latest musical …

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KYLE - Dirty (feat. Hit-Boy)

KYLE – Dirty (feat. Hit-Boy)

KYLE – Dirty (feat. Hit-Boy) KYLE has released his latest single, “Dirty,” featuring the acclaimed producer and artist Hit-Boy. This 2024 track combines KYLE’s charismatic flow with Hit-Boy’s signature beats, creating a standout song that’s sure to resonate with fans. “Dirty” showcases KYLE’s versatility and Hit-Boy’s production prowess, making it a must-listen for hip-hop enthusiasts. Download Links Save Link (Server …

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Don Diablo - Sexyback

Don Diablo – Sexyback

Don Diablo has unveiled his latest single, “Sexyback,” in 2024. This track marks another electrifying addition to his discography, blending his signature future house sound with infectious rhythms and catchy lyrics. “Sexyback” is poised to be a summer anthem, showcasing Don Diablo’s knack for creating dancefloor hits. Tune in to experience the vibrant energy and dynamic beats of “Sexyback.” Download …

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