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Trippie Redd – Saint Michael V2

Short Review

“Saint Michael V2” marks Trippie Redd’s seventh studio album, serving as the final installment under his $30 million deal with 10K Projects. This deluxe version follows the release of “Saint Michael” and maintains Trippie’s commitment to a prolific release schedule. The album, dropping on November 24, 2023, showcases the artist’s versatility, blending various music styles, as promised by Trippie himself. The tracklist, initially teased through snippets and later revealed through his Discord server, promises a mix of vibes, incorporating drill tracks like “Pray 4 Us” and adding bonus tracks like “Wizard 101” and “I Love It.”

Artists: Trippie Redd
Album: Saint Michael V2
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 256kbps
Genre: Hip Hop
Year: 2023


  1. #RBDG
  2. Popular
  3. Wizard 101
  4. Pepe Lit
  5. Snail Shells
  6. TrippieSuave
  7. Moncler Coat
  8. Pray 4 Us
  9. Van Cleef Island
  10. 1716 Osage
  11. Ok, Cool
  12. 7am in Ohio
  13. Yo Pi’erre Slime
  14. Saint Michael Myers
  15. Psychotic Lunatic
  16. #SDWL
  17. Skeletons

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  1. Prolific Release Schedule: Trippie Redd commits to consistently dropping albums, with “Saint Michael V2” being the latest in a series of releases.
  2. Versatility: The album blends Trippie’s diverse music styles, merging love and rage, as he stated in an Instagram comment.
  3. Teasers and Snippets: Fans got a taste of the album through snippets on Instagram, generating anticipation for the full release.
  4. Bonus Tracks: The addition of tracks like “Wizard 101” and “I Love It” enhances the overall listening experience.
  5. Collaborations: The album features guest appearances from artists like K Suave, YTB Fatty, and 9lives, adding extra dimensions to the project.
  6. Discord Interaction: Trippie Redd engages with fans through his Discord server, sharing insights into the album’s development and tracklist changes.
  7. Contract Completion: “Saint Michael V2” marks the conclusion of Trippie Redd’s deal with 10K Projects, adding significance to the album’s release.

Overall, “Saint Michael V2” seems to be an exciting addition to Trippie Redd’s discography, showcasing his musical evolution and commitment to delivering a diverse range of tracks.

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