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Aesop Rock – Integrated Tech Solutions

Integrated Tech Solutions” by Aesop Rock blends his signature intricate wordplay with a thematic exploration of modern technology. The album delves into the integration of technology into our daily lives, offering a thought-provoking commentary on its impact. Aesop Rock’s unique style and dense lyricism shine through, creating an engaging listening experience for fans of hip-hop with substance

Artists: Aesop Rock
Album: Integrated Tech Solutions
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 256kbps
Genre: Hip Hop
Year: 2023

  1. The ITS Way
  2. Mindful Solutionism
  3. Infinity Fill Goose Down
  4. Living Curfew (feat. billy woods)
  5. Pigeonometry
  6. Kyanite Toothpick
  7. 100 Feet Tall
  8. Salt and Pepper Squid
  9. Time Moves Differently Here
  10. Aggressive Steven
  11. Bermuda (feat. Lealani)
  12. By the River
  13. All City Nerve Map
  14. Forward Compatibility Engine
  15. On Failure
  16. Solid Gold
  17. Vititus
  18. Black Snow (feat. Nikki Jean)

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