Halsey Is Royalty With Great Fingernails In Her Castle Music Video


Rebel girl Halsey premiered the music video for her song “Castle”, originally included on her debut album “Badlands”, on Wednesday, April 13, on VEVO. However, it is not the music video I’m sure Halsey had in mind to shoot in the first place.

“Castle” has been updated with a new “epic” version for inclusion on the soundtrack of the sci-fi/adventure film “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”, and the music video premiered earlier today is all about promotion of the movie and little of what I’m totally positive Halsey would have wished to portray as the true story of her song. But hey!…at least she didn’t pay a dime for this video and it is technically free promo for her song/album.

The “Castle” music video sees Halsey looking like a dangerous princess with her a spikey crown, golden dress and her fierce acrylic fingernails and singing to the song as an epic lighting makes her look even more royal. The rest, and the majority of the clip will be footage from the actual “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” film.

Halsey’s short hair really works out well for this video!

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