Chelsea Lankes Premieres Dancey Music Video For Bullet Song

Loves it! I really pray to the Gods above that Chelsea Lankes has a prolific career!

The American indie-pop rising star premiered last night, April 13, the music video for her incredibly catchy song “Bullet”, included on her self-titled debut EP – released earlier this month via B3SCI Records, on VEVO.

If you haven’t heard the synth-pop song yet, or read my review of it, here’s Chelsea explaining the relatable story of “Bullet”: “It’s about moving on from a crappy relationship and being really down with yourself, which is the best kind of way to end it with someone who clearly and simply was not good enough for you”. A new boy-bashing anthem it is! Ladies, better download and listen to this song ASAP if you’ve just broken up with a guy you know wasn’t right for you but you’re needing a bit of a uplifting boost to get you out of the sad mood.

Looking fierce and sporty in red, Chelsea Lankes is seen dancing away thoughts of her cheating ex, singing “I play my favorite song, turn up the volume and I dance, I didn’t care any more / I’m better than I’ve ever looked, and boy, I never felt this cool”, in a white and super foggy warehouse. And want to know one mind-blowing detail? She learned the entire routine via an iPhone from her close friend who choreographed it for her…while they were in different states!

Absolutely still loving “Bullet”, the video is giving me exactly what I need, and I just really hope some big label lays eyes on Chelsea soon enough. She can be big!


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