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Taylor Swift’s New Romantics Music Video Finally Available

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After a week or so as an Apple Music exclusive, Taylor Swift made her “New Romantics” music video available on VEVO yesterday, April 13th. So now anyone in the entire world can watch it! (thank you kind T-Swizzle)

If you don’t know, unless you’ve already watched the video thanks to your paid Apple Music subscription, the “New Romantics” clip is basically footage from “The 1989 World Tour” documentary that was released on Apple Music too late last year. The music video is a mix of footage of the actual “New Romantics” performance and other performances and backstage moments from the same concert.

Although the final result is cute and uplifting, it’s really sad that such a great song as “New Romantics” is has gotten such a cheap and lazy visual. I certainly expected something better from Taylor – considering all of the music videos of this era have been so on point. But oh well, will this be the last single from “1989”? I believe so – because if she plans to give the next single a similar music video with footage of this concert documentary, then I don’t want a follow-up. For real.

What do you think of the video?

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