Britney Spears New Album Out In MAY

May is going to be the best month of 2016 for Britney Spears’ fans.

Las Vegas Sun’s Robin Leach posted a tweet last night, April 9th, that kind of broke the Internet – at least for those living in Britneyland. The reporter straightforwardly told that Britney would be recording the music video for her new single on April 18th and that her ninth studio album, the follow-up to that mess called “Britney Jean” that we all must erase from our memories, would be dropping “in 4 weeks” – that technically being May 6th. May I remind you that the Billboard Music Awards will be held on the 22nd of April and rumor has it Br

I give this man total realibility. He wouldn’t be spilling all these beans, using no any “allegedly”, if he didn’t know for sure.

My bet is that Britney will be also making an announcement early next week regarding her new single and album. I mean, we might be getting her new song even next week (can you imagine if she announces it drops next Friday on iTunes!?) or the following, giving us enough time to “process it” so we can all be ready for the album release date and her alleged performance at the Billboard Music Awards.

FYI: Las Vegas Sun interviewed Britney’s manager Larry back in February, in an interview where he revealed that Britney’s new music would have a The Weeknd touch (so LVS knows their sh*t). Also, last month when Britney covered “V” magazine, it was unveiled in her feature that her new album would be coming “this Spring”. And as you very well know, May is a Spring month.


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