after 3 Years – But Here’s Will.I.Am’s “Smile Mona Lisa” Music Video

I don’t know what I just watched but I kind of liked it! (and it’s something made!)

The Black Eyed Peas star, who keeps playing the solo game, paying dust to the hip-hop group, premiered today, April 12th, his “ au Louvre” documentary on Dailymotion. This doc is basically footage of taken on a tour throughout the famous museum in Paris by the museum’s senior curator. What’s the point of this must-be-skipped documentary I don’t know… This poor curator lost his precious time filming something that I know for sure nobody will watch. I mean, it’s freaking at the Louvre!

However, although this documentary is a miss, what’s kind of a “hit” is the music video simultaneously to promote the doc. And no, it wasn’t an alternate video to “Boys & Girls”, nor a video to a new song of his, it was the music video for that song called “Smile Mona Lisa” that he included on his 2013 “#willpower” solo album. Although, for this newly-premiered video, has included an updated version of the song (new production). Nicole Scherzinger’s opera-style singing in the chorus remains the same, and in fact, she appears in this music video too!

3 years “late” but OK! (did just break a record for shooting a music video for a song so old?) Watch it below:

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